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Co-Creating Your Leadership Journey

A new 'build your own' workshop experience for teams and managers in
fast-growing technology companies in the Netherlands. 

Benita Bi - The Leadership Labs.png

"I really liked the experience,  it was so insightful, personalised, and a great learning environment"

Benita Bi
Leadership Development
OLX Group

Jesse Tan - The Leadership Labs.png

"It was very engaging, inspiring and supportive, I wish it could have gone on for longer"

Jesse Tan
Technical Director

Manuel Trotta - The Leadership Labs.png

"The workshop was so powerful and different from others I've attended so far"

Manuel Trotta
Sr Product Manager

Driven by 6 New Power Skills that Cover the Leadership Arc for Fast-Growing Technology Companies

We understand each business, manager, and team is different. That's why we shape our services to fit your own way of doing things, your real-world situations, and your specific goals.

The result? Real, meaningful change that helps you accelerate success & maximise output.

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✔ We align with your leadership model, contextual use-cases and business objectives to co-create a learning experience.


✔ Driving the exact skills and behaviours for business momentum in fast-growing technology companies. 


✔ Once we sign-off on the scope, we seamlessly deliver the workshop for you and guarantee the learning outcomes.

Jacqueline Kazmaier - The Leadership Labs.png

"It gave me a new perspective of leading people and managing relationshops, I very much look forward to the next event"

Jacqueline Kazmaier

Danielle Ingham - The Leadership Labs.png

"It was highly engaging, well organized and gave us tools to action real change in our organization. The interactive element was unexpected but great fun!"

Danielle Ingham
Client Services Director
Harriman Steel

Anchala Tomar - The Leadership Labs.png

"It was precise, to the point, and gave me a clear path of action to drive change"

Anchala Tomar
Sr Program Manager
Just Eat Takeaway

Want us to create a learning experience for you? Book a 15 minute no-obligation call with our team.

If you would like to bring us in to help your team, business unit or vertical, please schedule a conversation using the scheduler with our team.

Our Experts

We bring together experts with powerful and relevant perspectives on leadership with decades of experience helping Fortune 500 to fast-growing startups raise their leadership game. 

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Eksteen De Waal - The Leadership Labs_edited.jpg
Ton De Graaf - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Andy Lopata - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Geert Van Vinjmen - The Leadership Labs_
Claire Boscqu - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Roxanne Hobbs - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Martin Laschkolng - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Sam Silverstein - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Liz Weber - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Peter McKenzie - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Marc God - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Katja Schleicher - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Vicky Hampson - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
Peter Ivanov - The Leadership Labs_edited.png
April Callis Birchmeir - The Leadership Labs_edited.png

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